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About Us

Who I Am
and What I Believe In

Sofia will make you feel like guests rather than tourists in one of the most unspoiled and beautiful valleys in the Alps. Sofia Vineis was born in Turin and moved to Prali because she was captivated by the beauty of its places and the hospitality of its people. Situated in the charming Village of Indiritti, the I Tre Corvi apartment is also the epicenter of her husband’s passions and vocations. Through his agricultural business, he embodies the ancestral rhythm of nature, raising goats, sheep, and cows among the green slopes that stand against the sky.

Sofia carries with her the precious baggage of human knowledge, with studies in sociology and psychopedagogy and a calling for special education teaching. In her words, one can perceive a deep respect for the mountains, which for her are not just a postcard panorama but also a refuge for the soul, a place to find balance and connection with nature.

For Sofia, hospitality and respect for the environment are not just words but a profound belief that permeates every aspect of her life and work. Every detail of “I Tre Corvi”, from the architecture to the care of the green spaces, reflects the commitment to preserve and enhance harmony with the surrounding environment. Every guest is welcomed with warmth and attention, invited to immerse themselves in the authentic and rejuvenating atmosphere of the mountains.

With the same passion and dedication, Sofia’s husband manages Bardour, a rental, bar, restaurant, grill, and venue for musical events in Prali, which is a point of reference for local patrons as well as visitors who want to experience the most authentic and genuine mountain life. With a combination of tradition and innovation, passion, and commitment, Sofia guides her guests on an unforgettable journey among the majestic peaks and tranquil valleys, leaving an imprint of love and respect for the mountains that surround them.

I Tre Corvi

“I Tre Corvi” is more than just a name; it’s an ode to the wisdom and intelligence of the ravens that soar the skies above the chalet. Patrick, the builder, welcomed these majestic birds as roof companions, making the house a symbol of connection with nature. He personally supervised every detail of the renovation, and the kitchens are the result of the skill of local artisans.
The ravens that glide through the skies of Val Germanasca, here called “corvas”, are actually imperial ravens, as majestic as hawks. Like mythological and legendary figures, they inspire respect and admiration for nature and the mountains, appearing to be the guardians of the ancient traditions of the area.

If you’re not just looking for a simple vacation, but want to immerse yourself in beauty, you’re in the right place.

Sofia Vineis