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Prali, a charming gem of the Cottian Alps, offers a complete 360-degree mountain experience. In the summer season, explore hiking trails that open up to breathtaking views that will leave you speechless, or tackle thrilling mountain biking, e-biking, and downhill rides along mountain trails. In winter, Prali transforms into a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts, with downhill skiing, mountaineering, and cross-country skiing trails with snow lasting until spring.

But Prali is not just for adventure lovers; foodies will also find satisfaction in the dishes of the local cuisine. The Bardour, a renowned restaurant in the village, offers an authentic and delicious culinary experience that will delight your palate with genuine flavors and refined dishes. Because in Prali, you won’t have to compromise on anything; here you will find all the services that will make your stay unique, from equipment rental to restaurants, agritourism farms, and shops with locally sourced zero-kilometer products.

Whether you’re an adventurous hiker, a passionate skier, or a gourmet in search of authentic flavors, Prali and the I Tre Corvi apartment welcome you with the uniqueness of the Alps and invite you to experience unforgettable moments immersed in the beauty and hospitality of this wonderful mountain destination.

Useful Information about Prali provided by the owner

What to do in Prali, where to eat, and many other useful pieces of information aimed at enhancing your experience in this magical little village nestled in the Alps…

“I’ve written this page to make your experience at I Tre Corvi unique and unforgettable”

Sofia Vineis

Where to shop in Prali and distances from I Tre Corvi (Borgata Indritti 21)

  • Mini Market at Tiziana Alimentari in Piazza: very well-stocked with plenty of local products.5 minutes15/20 minutes
  • Despar Mini Market near the chairlifts: On weekends, they have cakes and biscuits from “I Biscotti di Elfo”.10 minutes30 minutes
  • Bakery in the square: on Saturdays and Sundays, they make “farinata”.5 minutes15/20 minutes
  • At Hotel Salei, you’ll find a selection of wines and local products. Read more

In the summer, it’s possible to buy locally sourced fruits and vegetables as well as typical cheeses

  • At the Peyrot carpentry workshop, located at the agricultural company.
  • In the Malzat hamlet, you can purchase eggs.
  • On Saturdays and Sundays in the square, you can buy local cheeses, fruits, and vegetables directly from the farmers.
  • At Lake Bout du Col, there’s a mountain dairy. In September, the potato festival takes place as our lands are famous for their type of potatoes, small, colorful, and flavorful.


  • The pharmacy is available at the town hall on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • To book a medical appointment, you need to go to the town hall or call the medical guard.

Where to Eat in Prali

  • Breakfast, lunch, aperitifs, and dinners at Bardour, our restaurant, bar, and rental service. DJ sets, live music, barbecues, and much more. Read more
  • “Caffetteria delle Alpi” is located in the square.
  • “Nido dell’Orso” in the center of the village. Read more
  • “La Granjo Novo” is a farmhouse located in the Giordano hamlet. Read more
  • “Agriturismo Edelweiss” located in the Giordano hamlet. Read more
  • “Agriturismo Miandette” in the same hamlet. Read more
  • “La Capannina” reachable by chairlift only for lunch. Read more

Summer Activities

  • E-biking routes. Read more
  • Downhill biking routes. Read more
  • Nature walks and hikes to 13 Lakes, Lake… Rocca Bianca. Read more
  • Visiting the 21 hamlets of Prali. Read more
  • Guided excursions.
  • Yoga and events.
  • Adventure Park. Read more
  • Mine discovery. Read more
  • Tennis and Bocce: sports courts are available near the house and can be rented by contacting the Prali tourist office at +39 327 128 8887, asking for Francesco. Read more
  • Sunbathing: you can rent deck chairs at our rental bar, or it’s very scenic to sunbathe at La Capannina by taking the chairlift of the 13 Lakes. Read more
  • Rock climbing.

Winter Activities

  • Downhill skiing and Snowblade. Read more
  • Alpine skiing and Freeride.
  • Cross-country skiing.
  • Bobsleigh and Snowboarding. Read more
  • Ice skating.
  • Glacier climbing.
  • Snowshoeing.


  • Massages at Hotel Salei with Chiara. Read more
  • Massages at Hotel Miramonti with Giorgio.
  • Inquire at the tourist office for scheduled activities such as yoga, cold baths, sauna. Read more